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Tips for Enjoying Cold Weather Outdoor Fun!

Winter hit Wisconsin early this year and some of you may not be prepared just yet. To help you get ready, I've put together a few tips to help motivate you to get out there with your kids.1. Try not t

Midwest Event: The Outdoor University at Sertoma Park in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

If you're thinking about planning a family vacation to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, make sure you leave time to fully explore Sertoma Park, home to the Outdoor Campus as well as the Sertoma Butterfly Ho

Product Review and Giveaway: TrailHoppers Functional Fleece Blanket

This past year my family and I moved to Wisconsin. I was completely unaware of the glory of a Wisconsin winter. This year was also the year that my oldest started school, so that meant a couple of tri

Wisconsin Waterfalls: Willow River Falls

The first in our Wisconsin Waterfalls series, we found ourselves in Hudson, Wisconsin this past weekend for a visit to Willow River State Park and Willow River Falls.At nearly 3,000 acres, Willow Rive

Morel Mushroom Season

Like the family vacation or a holiday, some things happen only once a year—and for Wisconsin morel mushroom hunters, it’s just about that time of year again! But unlike a holiday on the calendar, this

Tick (and Lyme Disease) Season in Wisconsin

As the spring begins to thaw the earth, cabin fever final begins to die down. We get to go outside! “Yea!” shout the children, ready to play in the mud while still in their school clothes. And parents

Making Ice Fishing a Family Friendly Sport

Winter in the Midwest is a short but intense season. With temperatures that start out at a potential of 25* below zero to a balmy 30* the next day, makes the season as undesirable to most as it is unp

Wisconsin Expert Interview: Wisconsin Outdoor Fun

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of interviewing Brian Otten, content manager for Wisconsin Outdoor Fun, a free online resource for outdoor activities in Wisconsin. Wisconsin Outdoor Fun is update

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