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New Year's Resolutions That Stick

Dec 30, 2013 10:50AM ● By Matthew Poster
Are you looking to commit to something BIG this New Year's with a resolution to be a fitter, happier you? We're here to help! Check out how you can create measurable, attainable goals that will make you feel great and may change the way you think about resolutions.

Whether it's losing weight, quit smoking, or even running a marathon, only 8 percent of people who set New Year's Resolutions reach their goals based on the research at the University of Scranton.

No matter what your goals may be, they will all require the following for you to be successful:

  • KIS (Keep It Simple): Make a short list of items as too many irons in the fire make for busy work without seeing the results. Having small attainable goals that can be crossed off will help you see your progress. You should  start with only 3-5 goals because you CAN always add more after you've completed the others.
  • Be Realistic—You know better than anyone what you're capable of. Over extending yourself can mean eminent failure. Your goals should be rational with achievable metrics that can be tracked and measured easily. Be specific and nail down the details like, "I will start getting up at 5 am on Monday morning." or "I will begin my gym membership on January 2nd, and workout Monday, Wednesday, and Friday."
  • Remind Yourself —Keep a vision board or a chart that shows your progress, pictures and graphs will be easy to see and make you want to keep finishing your goals.
  • Keep Believing you CAN—Simply setting the goals WILL help you achieve them, but within a couple weeks it is also easy to fall back into a rut or just "the daily grind". Just look at your progress and say I CAN do this!
Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 6.49.46 PMBecause I'm into fitness, here's a simple resolution that's easy, and can be fun to do with co-workers and children. Called "Plank A Day," the goal is to gain and maintain core strength throughout the year. Here's how:
  1. Begin by getting into the plank position and hold for 30 seconds 1x/day. If this is too difficult, remember that it can be modified at an incline to be easier.
  2. Once you're able to hit the 30 second mark, shoot for 45, 60, and even higher if possible.
  3. After you've mastered the regular plank and can hold it for 1 minute, add the right and left side planks (similar to the T-Push up) for 30 seconds each side. This means you'll be doing at least 2 minutes of plank, 1x/day.
  4. Eventually you'll blast through these times, and that's when you either add more time to each plank or simply add more reps, meaning you'll do this simple routine 2 or even 3 times/day for a total of only 2-6 minutes of plank/day.
  5. Apply the rules of New Year's Resolution success by tracking your progress on a chart. You'll feel the difference and you'll see all the work you've put in.
I look froward to hearing from all of you that take on the Plank A Day resolution, please comment below on your times.