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Ancient Irish Celtic Shamanism with Amantha Murphy from Ireland

Explore Celtic Spirituality

Join Irish teacher and author, Amantha Murphy, from Ireland as she shares these ancient traditions. The Shamanic tradition goes back over many thousands of years. Each clan or grouping of people held in reverence the Shamanic Way. This Way allows a person to walk between the worlds; recognizing the interconnectedness between all living forces both seen and unseen. Journeying into these worlds for healing, for answers, for visions, brings a sense of continuity, wholeness and integration for self and for the clan. Amantha will explore: Explanation of the Ancient Irish Shamanic Way. The three worlds, Lower, Middle and Upper. Soul retrieval and Cutting the Ties. Journeying with your allies and ancestral teachers. Understanding the ancient Wheel of the Sun. Connecting with the Stone people and the Shinning Ones Using Drumming, rattle, dance, chants and sound.. We will follow ancient pathways to release family issues and personal blocks. We will work with nature, with sound and with movement: gathering our fragments together. We will drum, express and gain inspiration from this work. We literally do ‘walk on the bones of our ancestors’ and carry with us their lessons, their pain and their joy. All that has not been released from our foremothers and forefathers are contained within our DNA, within our bones and blood and this plays itself out in all our realities. For many, we lose ourselves in our Dream World as a way of playing out those energies trapped within. Yet in retrieving our Selves, we stand within the frame of our Being and our Being stands within us. We are then ONE.

About the Instructor: From Ireland, Amantha Murphy, is a Shamanic Teacher and Healer who follows the path of the Goddess. She is the author of The Way of the Seabhean: An Irish Shamanic Path. She started her spiritual work publicly in 1972 as a clairvoyant and moved into trance mediumship and healing within a few years. She developed many tools along the Way with her spirit and ancestral teachers guiding her, and continues to work with both individuals and groups, at home and internationally.

Date & Time

Weekly on Monday, Saturday, and Sunday

Mar 18, 2023 through Mar 20, 2023

9:30AM - 5:30PM


Golden Light Healing - 7102 Sundew Road, Sobieski, WI, 54171 7102 Sundew Road Sobieski 54171 WI US

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$630. Lunch is included. Lodging options available

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