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You Know You're a Parent in Wisconsin this Summer If...

Jun 04, 2016 05:06PM ● By Lissa Carlson

The school year has officially ended for the majority of schools, marking the start of summer in Wisconsin. Can you relate to any of these? If so, you might be a Wisconsin parent!

1. A trip to the beach includes packing swim suits, towels, beach toys, AND warm pants, long sleeves, and a hooded sweatshirt.

2. Only a few weeks ago in May, you were running the heater at school drop-off because there was a frost advisory, but you switched to air-conditioning at pick-up time because it hit 85 degrees by 3 p.m.  

3. You eat organic, but still see some value in DEET.

4. Your family has eaten a cow pie or two... and they're delicious.

5. You know swimming in a Great Lake is just as great as swimming in the ocean. So it's a little colder. Buck up, kids - you'll get used to the water.


6. You know the Apostle Islands are not in some foreign country; they're right here in Wisconsin, and just as exotic and beautiful as they sound.

7. Your kids consider it suspect if a cheese curd doesn't squeak when they eat it (and you're definitely from Wisconsin if you get it).

8. It's likely you're going to find yourself in a bar at some point this summer with your kids along, but it won't necessarily draw any raised eyebrows. And some of your own childhood memories probably include spinning as fast as you could on a bar stool.

9. You've been to a smelt fry, fish boil, or "chicken q," and bratwurst is a summer staple (they've even tried it with sauerkraut), but you'd still classify your kids as picky eaters.

10.  No summer feels complete without a trip "to the cabin," "to the lake," or just "up north" in general, and you talk about the pros and cons of buying your own place up north all the way home.


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