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Still Bored? Boredom Busters Continued

Feb 13, 2015 09:56AM ● By Melissa Schwartz
The kids were starting to get bored in December, but mid-February is here and it's the special time of year where we collectively start to lose our minds.

Part two of the boredom busters series, here are a few more ideas to help your kids through the winter blues.

Sewing Cards

Sewing cards can be quite engaging even for the newest at sewing. Plus, you can make them on your own by having your kids design their own shapes and choose their own color scheme. To make this project all you need is some cardboard, a hole punch, yarn, and a needle.

Draw the outline of your desired shapes while keeping in mind that you will need to punch holes. Punch holes along the outline. Make sure to leave enough space from the edge so that the holes do not rip open. Kids can use simple stitches for their creation. You can even add cross stitch the project. I did this on our heart by punching holes with a push pin and widening with a pen.

sewingcards3Condensation on a Can

A condensation experiment is very easy to do and is another way to use that fluffy white stuff. Just take an empty tin can and fill with snow. Add a little kosher salt to speed up the experiment. We saw condensation appear rather quickly on our can.

condensation1We left the can on a towel on our table for a little bit and saw a bit of frost collect on the bottom of the can. If you do not have snow at your disposal, you can perform the same experiment with shaved ice. This is a pretty quick experiment but kids will enjoy seeing how the condensation develops over the course of ten minutes or so.

condensation2Marshmallow Launcher

I am sure that any kid would give their mom serious bonus points for letting them make a marshmallow launcher! We recently constructed a marshmallow launcher that we discovered on Preschool Crafts For Kids and had a blast not only putting it together but launching it as well.

launcher1This is a great project for older elementary school children and uses materials you probably already have sitting around. The only change I would make to the instructions is to use a glue gun to attach the cap. The instructions are also a little involved, but definitely manageable.

Baking Soda Frothing Fun Experiment

Adding a little excitement is always welcome on a cold day stuck inside. A simple baking soda experiment creates a mini “explosion” that kids will enjoy creating again and again with minimal fuss on mom or dad’s part. To run the experiment, all you need is white vinegar, baking soda, food coloring (if you would like more pizzazz), and a glass.

bakingsoda3Fill the glass ¼ full of white vinegar. Add some food coloring if you would like a color effect. Then, add a teaspoon of baking soda and watch the mixture  fizz! My daughter could probably keep running this experiment all afternoon with minimal effort and pure delight!