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Send Your Love with Heart-Themed Valentine Crafts

Jan 24, 2015 02:19PM ● By Tiffany Malloy
With Valentine's Day right around the corner, the kiddos and I have been busy making the perfect valentine crafts for our long-distance families. I like these two projects because they are fairly simple in the supply-needing category, and they are projects that kids of all ranges can work on and enjoy!

Supplies Needed:




  1. Cut a heart of out the scrap paper. Inside the heart, cut out a smaller heart.
  2. Tape the heart in the middle of the white paper (you will want to roll up the tape and put it underneath the heart).
  3. Go to town, make dots all over the paper in whatever rhyme or reason you so desire.
  4. Finally, remove the scrap paper heart and ta-da! You have yourself a fun piece of artwork for the art wire.


Supplies Needed:
  • Two colors of construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Heart templates found here
  • Glue sticks
  • Gel pens, stickers, etc. (For any decoration you want to add at the end!)
  1. Fold one piece of construction paper in half. Using the heart template, cute out around the heart as well as the horizontal lines inside the heart. Open up the heart and you have your heart base.
  2. Using the template, cut strips of paper out of the other color of construction paper.
  3. Starting on one side, weave the paper strips in and out of the heart base.
  4. After you're finished, trim the edges. I added a little glue stick on the end of some of the pieces so that the paper didn't unweave.
  5. Decorate and send to your favorite people!