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Why Every Family in South Central Wisconsin Needs a Bucky Book

Nov 10, 2014 11:15AM ● By Julie Henning
People ask me every day, "Why should I buy a Bucky Book?" OK, so they don't really ask me that every day.  I just WISH they would. The Bucky Book always seems to find a way on to South Central Wisconsin's "Best Kept Secrets" list and I’ve always found that puzzling.

Why doesn't everyone own a Bucky Book?

Certainly there are the wealthy who may not be concerned about saving money and there are the financially challenged who perhaps can’t afford one. But most people don’t fall into either category and still do not own one and the “why?” remains a mystery to me.

There are DOZENS of coupons for a wide variety of things that each can save a user over $35, ONE coupon saving them more than the cost of the entire book. Many other coupons, when combined with just one other, will save them more than $35. Or take a business like Subway as yet another example. They offer six (6) 2-for-1 Sub & Drink coupons. Use all six and they've saved more than $35 JUST at Subway.

Then consider that there are over 350 merchants in the book offering over $20,000 in 2-for-1 or 50% off savings. Fine and casual dining, fast food, pizza, entertainment, golf, Wisconsin Dells, shopping, gifts and services... it's all in there.

So why doesn't everyone own a Bucky Book? Your guess is as good as mine, but the best bet is that people simply don’t know what’s in it.

If you’re one of those people who don’t own a Bucky Book, PLEASE take a look at their Table of Contents and ask yourself “why not?” I think you’ll be surprised to find how many businesses you’ll find where you’re already spending your money and how many others you might like to visit.

If you get a book or if you already have one, let me leave you with two tips on getting the absolute most value possible out of the book:

First, DOWNLOAD the FREE Bucky Book Mobile App. Use it to sort, map, filter, etc. all your Bucky Book coupons, allowing you to quickly find whatever you’re looking for, wherever you’re looking for it. The app also contains special discounts that aren’t in the Bucky Book.

Second, take 20 minutes to flip through your Bucky Book page by page. Make yourself a list of the coupons you will or might use and the page numbers of those offers. Then keep the list where you can see it (on the frig, on your phone or elsewhere) so that you’ll remember to use them.

Forgetting to use the coupons is a common problem and it’s a bit like money left in an old coat pocket that you never actually find. :-(

Oh, and one last thing…

For those who know how valuable a Bucky Book can be, don’t forget them when you’re doing your holiday shopping. :-)

Thanks and Happy Saving!

Clark Osborn Bucky Book User Since 1997

Disclaimer: Bucky Book is an official sponsor of We love our Bucky Books and they have paid for themselves over and over again. Bucky Book coupons were used at many of the venues featured in the "Thrifty Fashion for Kids" post published earlier this fall.