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Cool Jump-Rope Tricks You Can Do! Book Review

Aug 16, 2014 06:00PM ● By Matthew Poster
Being an avid rope jumper and kids coach I was excited to check out this new book by "The Rope Warrior" David Fisher, "the world's best rope jumper*." I had heard about David doing some amazing tricks like the "tush up," jumping rope while sitting on his bottom, and wanted know if he revealed some of his signature moves in the book.

The book itself is divided up into a few basic sections with non-jumping skills (new to me) that get you thinking about having more fun with a jump rope, to mid- and higher-level moves that help progress your skills. Some of my favorites are the "can-can" and the "scissors" because they help you feel like you're not just jumping rope. While the pictures lack enough information to really understand the text, you really have to be willing to try the moves to understand them.

Overall the book is good for getting started and I would recommend it for people who do well by reading about something and doing it. But for more visual learners, this book is not likely for you. What David needs is a video that accompanies the book to really get you motivated to jump out of your seat with a rope.

Some YouTube links worth checking out:

David performing his amazing rope jumping

David speaking on campaign for healthy kids

Cool Jump-Rope Tricks You Can Do! (Softcover, $11.99, Meadowbrook Press) includes over 100 skills and tricks with helpful hints, personal notes, step-by-step photos, and simple, clear instructions kids can use to master the techniques. Fisher also covers practical topics like selecting the right type and length of rope, the best jumping surfaces, warming up, proper jumping form, making mistakes, and safety. The 9 7/8" x 7 5/8"-wide format lies open so jumpers can review each trick before trying it themselves.

*According to Ripley’s Believe It or Not!