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Wisconsin Deer Park, Wisconsin Dells

Jul 12, 2014 05:39PM ● By Julie Henning
Established in 1952, the Wisconsin Deer Park has been a Wisconsin Dells original attraction for 62 years.

The type of place you visit as a kid and then come back to with your own "herd" of children, the Wisconsin Deer Park is one of my favorite places in all of The Dells.

Deer Eating Melba Toast Spread out on 40 undeveloped acres wedged between Mount Olympus Theme Park and Water Park and the Lost Temple attraction. Visitors enter and exit through the gift shop (admission is $12 for adults, $8 for kids ages 3-8, and free for kids 2 and under). This is where you will also want to purchase bags of crackers ($2/bag) for feeding the deer during  your visit.

Wisconsin Deer Park BathroomYou will find a one-stall bathroom near the gift shop, but if you keep going towards the goats, you'll see another older (but clean) bathroom building. Goats at Wisconsin Deer ParkAccording to the deer park pamphlet, the stroll along the paved paths in the deer exhibits is about four blocks long. If you have purchased crackers or one of the ice cream cones of feed ($1/each and sold at three stations within the deer exhibits), chances are you will get up close and personal with white tail deer that are native to the region as well as European fallow deer from Australia, England, and Germany.

Deer Feed at Wisconsin Deer ParkIf a line of deer has formed near the ice cream cone feed station, you will most likely have a herd of followers as you walk away. If you talk quietly and don't run or make any sudden movements, the deer will stand calmly while you pet their coats (when the deer need a break from tourists, they know to find refuge behind the wooden fence).

Herding at Deer ParkThe Wisconsin Deer Park has other animals on exhibit, including the aforementioned goats, elk, bison, ostrich, raccoon, rabbits, horses, and various hens, birds, and chickens. Yakety, Yak, (don't talk back!):

Yak at Wisconsin Deer ParkIf you read the Frequently Asked Questions listed on the Wisconsin Deer Park website, you will find that the park does not have issues with deer ticks. We applied bug spray in the parking lot, as the park is mostly shaded.

Feeding GoatsYou may also want to grab some quarters from the car. The goats will let you know they are ready for a treat. Otherwise, make sure and bring your camera and plan to stay longer than you expected.