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How to Save Money at the Fair

Jul 03, 2014 09:19PM ● Published by Dannelle Gay

How to Save Money at the Fair

  1. The summer months typically bring the fair to town. This can be a fun time for the entire family, but if you are not careful it can get quite expensive in a hurry. Here are some helpful tips for how to save money at the fair, all while having fun and keeping a little cash in your pocket.
  2. Visit on the discount days. Most fairs offer a discount day where wristbands allow you to ride all of the rides for one price. Or, they may offer a two-for-one admission. Find out when these discount days are and be sure to take advantage of them.
  3. Check your local paper for coupons. Check your local newspaper for discount admission coupons. Some stores may even be offering them prior to the event. Keep your eyes peeled for these offerings.
  4. Eat before you go. Eat dinner or lunch prior to going to the fair. While you are there, enjoy a favorite treat or dessert. This will cost you less than purchasing an entire meal. If you can take your own beverages, this is advisable as well and can easily save you some serious cash.
  5. Participate in fair events. If you participate in any of the fair sponsored events, you may be able to get free admission. See about entering any of the contests or events being held during fair week and take advantage of the perks that go with it.
  6. Ask about next day discounts. Some fairs will offer a discount if you return for a second day of fun. Ask if there is any offer like this available that you can take advantage of. You can easily save on the cost of admission if so. If a next day discount is not offered, at least see if smaller children (under age 3) can come back for free.
Enjoy the fair and all it has to offer with your family this year. When you consider these money saving tips, you are sure to have fun and save some cash!
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