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Best Places to Skip Stones in Door County, Wisconsin

Jun 27, 2014 03:32PM ● By Julie Henning
A summertime tradition passed down though the decades, skipping stones is a rite-of-passage for anyone living in a Great Lakes state. Because a certain type of stone is best for skipping—palm size, flat and round—we consulted with Jon Jarosh, Director of Communications and Public Relations with the Door County Visitor Bureau for the best places to skip stones in Door County, Wisconsin. Making a weekend trip to the Peninsula in 2011, we visited many of these locations with kids in tow (make sure you watch the videos posted below).

Number 1: Schoolhouse Beach, Washington Island

Located at the northernmost tip of Door County, Washington Island is only accessible by ferry (passenger or car). While a trip to Schoolhouse Beach didn't fit our schedule this time, Jon holds this beach in the highest stone-skipping regard. He goes on the record to say, "Schoolhouse Beach on Washington Island is probably the quintessential stone skipping beach in Door County. It’s like the stone-skipping gods fired up the old rock tumbler in the sky for half an eternity and deposited a kajillion of the most perfect skipping stones in each of those places and wanted to see if we’d figure it out." 

Number 2: Pebble Beach Road, South of Little Sister Bay

At the end of Pebble Beach Road just south of Little Sister Bay and the town of Sister Bay is Pebble Beach. Bordered by private property on either side, you'll find a skipping stones surplus in this secluded beach/kayak and canoe launch. Open to wind and the wake of passing motor craft, what you lack in calm water you make up in rock demand. A person could easily throw their arm out at Pebble Beach. Consult a map before venturing down the back roads (pass a rural cemetery and you're on your way). Consider packing a picnic lunch or making the short jaunt to nearby Fred and Fuzzy's Waterfront Bar and Grill.


Number 3: Peninsula State Park, Tennison Bay along Shore Road

On Shore Road along the western shore of Peninsula State Park is Tennison Bay. Protected from rougher water in an inlet, the rocky beach reveals a sandy bottom in the crystal clear (but brisk) water. While collecting a pile of perfect skipping stones took a few extra minutes at this location, we amused ourselves by simply tossing large rocks out to the mermaids. Because the beach is located within a Wisconsin State Park, you can use your annual parks pass or purchase a day admission sticker for $7 (WI plates).

tennison bay

Number 4: Rock Island State Park

If the name of this island/state park doesn't tip you off, Rock Island (north of Washington Island) is a stone-skipping haven. Selected as number four because of it's distance from the overall Door County experience, Jon explained, "Pretty much everywhere along the shore is good for skipping stones except for the sand beach on the south side of the island." Key to skipping stones on Rock Island is picking your favorite spot.


Number 5: (A Tie) Sunset Park, Fish Creek and the end of Juddville Road,  Juddville

A tie for the number five spot goes to Sunset Park in the town of Fish Creek (drive to the end of Main Street past the White Gull Inn) and the end of Juddville Road in the unincorporated town of Juddville (between the towns of Fish Creek and Egg Harbor). While these two locations aren't exactly ideal for skipping stones, they are perfect for scrambling around on the larger rocks. One of the few places to watch the sun set over Lake Michigan in the state of Wisconsin, both locations are romantic enough to gross out your kids. Note: picnicking is not allowed on the Juddville beach.


Other Contenders

Other stone-skipping locations in Door County are at the end of Porcupine Bay Road near Ellison Bluff County Park and near the Northport ferry dock at the very end of Highway 42 (hitting the ferries with stones is probably not a good idea, though). And, if you get sick of throwing stones or want to spread out your towel on a more comfortable spot, dunes and sandy beaches are plentiful up and both sides of the peninsula (we like Whitefish Dunes State Park south of Jacksonport on Whitefish Bay.

We made a compilation video during our stay in Door County:

And, of course, the bloopers reel:

This story was originally written (by me) and published on in 2011: