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Middleton, WI Business Spotlight: I'm Board! Games and Family Fun {+ Giveaway!}

Apr 04, 2014 10:38AM ● By Tiffany Malloy
We love family game nights. And we have a big game closet to prove it. Our early days of game nights included too many rounds of Hi Ho Cherry-O and Candyland. In desperation, we began researching alternatives. SURELY family game nights do not have to exist in this form for the next 5 years, right?


While our journey took many hours of Facebook pleas, Pinterest browsing, and Amazon scouring, I came across a resource recently that I am super excited to share with our Madison readers.

Meet I’m Board! Games and Family Fun.

“At I'm Board!, we take fun seriously. We are a local board and card game store located in the heart of Middleton, Wisconsin. We carry hundreds of games and puzzles, everything from the classics to the latest and greatest. Our selection includes educational games, family games, traditional games, card games, historical games, roleplaying games, collectible games, miniatures games, outdoor games, puzzles and so much more.”
This game store, located right off of University, is a great resource for families who are looking to begin their game night OR expand into uncharted territories.

Knowledgeable and passionate staff

One thing I love about the store is that the staff are excited about helping each customer find just the right game. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, they are skilled at asking the right questions:
  • What are some of your favorite games to play?
  • How old are your kids?
  • How many people will be playing?
  • What do you like about playing _________?
Using your answers, they are able to suggest games that perhaps you’ve never heard of. Some of their top suggestions for us include:

dontrocktheboatDon't Rock the Boat: A game that emphasizes dexterity as opposed to critical thinking or advanced problem-solving. A lot of fun for a family who wants preschool kids to join in.

orchardHaba Orchard Game: Our younger ones are quick to request Hi Ho Cherry-O, but it always ends in tears. How about an alternative cooperative game that is along the same line, but offers a working together component that increases the fun factor for everyone involved?

dancing eggsHaba Dancing Eggs Game: This Haba game is a running around, dancing, silly game that will leave your family in stitches. Our kids love to be silly and to move all around, so this was a great recommendation for us.

 forbidden islandForbidden Island: While not all our kids can participate in this one, they recommended this as a “next step” for our son. It’s a cooperative game (something that we really enjoy in our house), and is a good transition from “kid games” to “grown-up” games.

The Game Center

They have an in-store game center with brightly painted walls where you can come with your family to play games. Bring your own snacks, grab an open table, and pick a game from their well-stocked game closet to try out. For Free. During the day is a great time for families with young children to go- they always have an open table! Thursdays at 5p are Board Game Nights, where someone on staff is happy to teach your family how to play various games. If you are interested in something themed, you can check out their event calendar online.

Wide Range of Games

There is definitely something for everyone. Each of my family members has their own running wish-list. I’m Board! carries many of the games that you would expect, but also many that you may have never heard of. Worried that you might not like it? Why don’t you go to the back to see if it is in the game closet? If so, try it out as a family before you buy!

Generous with their Discounts

Are you an educator? You get a discount.

Did you do well on your report card? You get a discount.

Do you have a birthday? You get a discount.

Want to preorder? You get a discount.

You get the point. I’m Board! not only cares about fun and games, but about the community as well.

 Speaking of generosity, the owner of I’m Board! is offering a $20 gift certificate to two lucky readers! Enter below to win. Winners will be announced on Wednesday, April 9th.  

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