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Why You Want To Chill at The Palmer House Hilton This Winter

Feb 07, 2014 07:03AM ● By Dannelle Gay

Welcome to 2014, the year of the Polar Vortex, or so it seems. We are all raging with cabin fever and wishing we could get away for a night or two of luxury, but Hawaii isn't exactly in our budgets, right?

This is where the Palmer House Hilton comes to the rescue! This 140-year-old gem has created a very affordable Chill-Cation package that lets you dip into style, in the heart of Chicago.

If you aren't familiar with the historic landmark that the Palmer House is, let me fill you in. It's the kind of place that young soldiers took their brides to after World War II for a honeymoon. It's where all the classic Hollywood stars entertained in the legendary Empire Room. It has one of the most photographed ceilings in the world, not that far behind the Sistine Chapel!

No worries—you don't have to feel like you are stepping into the past, but will see modern convenience right next to vintage stylings through the entire property.

It all starts with Valet parking (or self parking in the ramp right around the corner) and your ride up the elevator to check you walk through halls with a variety of amazing chandeliers.

You are presented with your Chillcation mugs (you get to keep them) that will be the home of unlimited cocoa or coffee refills through your visit. You also get tickets for a tour, room service discount card, spa discounts and free brunch tickets.


It's hard to talk about the room you may get, the hotel has over 1,600! Ours was spacious, had  more bathrooms than my house, was contemporary class and it didn't take long for my daughter to feel at home.

IMG_20140104_154950459The late night dessert buffet consisted of warm cookies, Creme Brulee, fresh fruit, and the most amazing brownie we have ever tasted!


Creme Brulee anyone?


The pool room was impressive for a downtown hotel in that it had a deep end.  The space is large, airy and didn't reek of chlorine and even has an enclosed hot tub.


I think every pool I have ever been in said "no food allowed" but they encourage it at the Palmer House! Order from the menu posted  on the wall by simply dialing extension 21.


While we ventured off the property for dinner, we did enjoy our brunch at their Lockwood Restaurant in the morning. The Palmer House Hilton's location is accessible to so many other great Chicago haunts like Millennium Park, the Art Institute and Chicago theaters; but you could simply stay on the property and enjoy all it has to offer as a 4 Diamond rated AAA hotel.

We loved strolling the halls and looking at portraits of the famous patrons, including a young Sonny and Cher,


and Jerry Lewis.


Everyone from Judy Garland to George Burns dons the walls.

How about looking up? The ceilings are simply gorgeous!

IMG_20140104_155625230    IMG_20140104_155641112    IMG_20140104_155614131

When a 7-year-old starts taking pictures on her tablet, you know it's special!

Now, let's get down to brunch. As a foodie, I was incredibly impressed. This is hard to do as I tend to be overly critical where restaurants are concerned. Many things don't sit well in a chafing dish or steam table, so it's a treat to find a place that picks just the correct items to present. It's not simply a buffet, it's an entire room of things to choose from!


Do you want yogurt, granola, fruit, pastries? How about an oatmeal bar? Cold cereal? Hot selections like eggs, sausage, potatoes? They have anything you could wish for.

Like any special promotion, there is an end date: April 20th.

Personally, I am thinking about going again this month, with a long weekend as there are teacher conferences. Or maybe we will go for Spring Break? Have no fear parents, they have a Peacock Club too that is sure to make your kiddos happy! Who wouldn't love things like "Splash Screenings" or borrowing a Radio Flyer Red Wagon to tour the neighborhood?

Want to make your own reservation? Palmer House Hilton Current Specials