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Wilderness Resort Wisconsin Dells: What's New in 2014

Jan 28, 2014 12:10AM ● By Julie Henning

Wilderness Resort, America’s largest waterpark resort,  is adding many new attractions and amenities to its 600 acre resort located in Wisconsin Dells. All will be open in time for summer 2014: 

OK Corral Lazer Tag Arena and Marshall Training Lazer Maze (Open Feb 2014)

In the new, massive 4,000-square-foot, two-story OK Corral Lazer Tag Arena, guests will be able to challenge their family and friends to a showdown! Up to 30 players will make their way into the Town Square and compete for the top score, all while avoiding shots from other players and from the game itself!  Players will even be able to head up ramps to a second floor to take aim over railings at unsuspecting outlaws below. Participants can explore a saloon, fort, jail and stagecoach all while collecting points and taking points away from other players! This is going to be a fun and active attraction the whole family will enjoy time and time again!

In the old days, boomtowns were always looking for hired guns to act as the law. Soon, guests can see if they have what it takes to become a Deputy when they go through the Marshall Training Lazer Maze. It will take speed and agility to successfully navigate through this maze. Guests who break a beam will have their time penalized. Only those with best times will be named, “Marshall”.

Margarita’s Swim-Up Bar (Open May 2014)

Margaritas Swim Up Bar

Take a dip and get a drink at Margarita’s Swim-Up Bar, an adults-only, indoor/outdoor pool, which will be located in the Wild WaterDome and New Frontier Waterparks. Spanning 1,400 square feet, the bar will accommodate up to 88 guests over the age of 21, and will feature an inviting tropical theme, complete with a pergola and unique conversation areas.

Wilderwoods Go-Kart Trail  (Open Summer 2014)

WildattheSmokiesVersionFINALGuests with a need for speed will want to check out the new indoor, two-story Wilderwoods Go-Kart Trail. It will be located next door to the Glitter Gulch Arcade in the New Frontier region of the hotel. The 525-foot long course will offer a total adrenaline rush as guests race with family and friends around crazy turns and cork screws in one of 12 electric cars.

The Ok Corral Lazer Tag Arena, Marshall Training Lazer Maze and Wilderwoods Go-Karts will all be a part of the Wilderness Resort’s money saving Wild Fun Pass! For more information on the Wild Fun Pass, click here.

Klondike Boardwalk Featuring Yukon Yogurt, Klondike Kate’s Libations and Klondike Pizza Kitchen (Opening Summer 2014)

Klondike Pizza Opening summer 2014, the Klondike Boardwalk will be located on the mezzanine level of the Klondike Kavern and will offer the perfect place to enjoy a drink or a bite to eat. It will be home to three new food and beverage outlets. Yukon Yogurt will be a cool new venue where guests can create their own yummy treat! All they have to do is grab a cup, pick one of the many flavors of frozen yogurt, add their choice of delicious toppings, weigh, pay and enjoy! Klondike Kate’s Libations will offer the ultimate watering hole experience where guests can stop by to enjoy their favorite cocktail or soft drink. Klondike Pizza Kitchen will offer tasty pizza with a medium rolled-edge crust, crisply baked gold brown with a savory red sauce. It will be topped with mozzarella and provolone cheeses along with a variety of fresh toppings and will be served piping hot by the slice or entire pie. It will also be available for delivery to the entire resort.

Yukon Yogurt-one