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ShadowQuest Interactive Game Now at Great Wolf Lodge, Wisconsin Dells

Aug 25, 2013 08:27PM ● By Julie Henning
Late last week, ShadowQuest,  an interactive game from Creative Kingdoms*, made its world debut at the MagiQuest building on the campus of the Great Wolf Lodge in the Wisconsin Dells. Invited to join in the festivities, Wisconsin Parent was among the first to experience the new game.

Introducing a new challenge for players of all ages, to participate in ShadowQuest players (called Magi) must embark on quests and collect runes to save the light from the battle creatures of the dark world. Mixing Harry Potter, Tinkerbell, and Peter Pan with strong undertones of science fiction, each Magi's progress is tracked by his or her magic wand. Available for purchase at the gift shop, the wand works at all MagiQuest locations and is a one-time expense. Admission to play ShadowQuest is $11.99/person and play is good throughout the day (or your entire stay if you are also lodging at the Great Wolf Lodge). 

Gift ShopHaving never participated this type of game before, we were a bit disoriented by the rules of play. Thankfully, magic fairies were available for general question asking and the kids had the game figured out in a matter of minutes (all the hours and hours of Minecraft practice seems to finally have a practical application).

FairyThen a summer miracles happened: siblings who had been bickering non-stop for the past week suddenly began to communicate as a team, checking their game progress at the base of the magical tree and working to light magic crystals and open treasure chests.

Checking Status

The course itself is distributed on a vertical course spanning four stories connected by both stairs and elevator as well as an elaborate network of rope ladders and twisty slides. A nicety in the summer, this course will be a godsend for those of us looking to run out kids ragged in the winter months.

More ClimbingShadowQuest will be available exclusively at Great Wolf Lodge destinations across the United States this fall (keep your wands packed and ready). Here's a good point to note that if you also want to play the traditional MagiQuest game, you'll have to pay an additional $11.99/person.

Wand ActionTwo MagiQuest challenges are located throughout the first and second floors of the lodge building. We enjoyed this option immensely, and carried our wands with us everywhere. At breakfast, raccoon greeted us. Squirrels heckled us from the main lobby. Fairies talked to us, but only with our wands. If you decide to play both games, consider one of the game play packages.

At Main Lodge

*Developers of games that interactive play with newly emerging technologies to create innovative, magical, immersive, experiences. 

 We loved our stay at the Great Wolf Lodge; look for a waterpark review soon!