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Made In Wisconsin: GetFitsu, Making Fitness Fun

Aug 07, 2013 08:50PM ● By Julie Henning
This post is the first in a new "Made in Wisconsin" series featuring Wisconsinites with unique ideas or inventions that improve the lives of people everywhere. Whether developed in Wisconsin, made in Wisconsin, or a combination of the two, we're asking the same set of questions and providing links where you can find out more.

We kick things off with our very own Wisconsin Fitness Editor: Matthew Poster. Matt's GetFitsu card game falls in line with his tagline: making fitness fun.

Tell us about your idea/invention.

My idea is called GetFitsu and it's all about making fitness fun for each and everyone. I do this by combining easy-to-learn body weight exercises with a deck of cards designed to mix things up and challenge everyone from beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts. We assign a type of exercise like pushing, legs, core, and full body to a specific suit of cards (Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, Clubs) and give 7 progressive options ranging from (A) easy to (G) most difficult for each suit. There are many different ways to play GetFitsu but the main idea is to get through the whole deck (420 reps) in 30 min or less. This keeps the pace high and exciting.

Where did you get the idea? Did you have an "aha" moment?

The "Deck of cards" workout has been used for ages, the "aha" moment for GetFitsu was when we built a strategy to make it consistent and progressive.

How is your idea/invention unique? 

GetFitsu allows all ages and fitness levels to participate at the same time. This is done with the "progressions", like the pushup for example. Just about anyone can do a "wall pushup" but to make it harder we offer seven different variations of pushup making it difficult even for a strong athletic person. We do this same progression with each card type (core, legs, and full body). We also offer 2 special advanced cards for pullups and handstand pressing workouts.

 How can we find out more information?

You can visit to buy the cards, learn different ways to play, and watch the videos for each card that explains how to do all the exercises included in the game.

If you want your own deck of GetFitsu cards, use the following coupon code to receive a 25% discount: wiscoparent