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Wisconsin Parent

Receive Ongoing Healings

Receive Divine Blessings each month. Be in tune with the energy cycles of 2023 so that you can prepare, upgrade and be a source of blessing for yourself, family and community.

Receive high frequency blessings and healings each month.  Submit your intentions for healing. Tune into a recorded or live session where your blocks are cleared. Receive energetic information each month to assist you in flowing with the support that is around you.  Receive oracle readings to give you insight into your life and the paths ahead of you.

You will be welcomed into the portal via a ceremony (online) and then blessings will flow throughout the month.

You may ask for blessings for yourself or others.

Date & Time

4th Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

Feb 05, 2023 through Jul 31, 2023


Participating Businesses

The Light Council