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Wisconsin Parent

Walking Moai Launch

Blue Zones Project Dodge County

Moai (pronounced "Mo Eye") are groups of 5-8 people that meet regularly to walk, share a potluck meal, enjoy a restaurant, or discover purpose together. The small size of the group allows members to focus on building strong friendships--and those social connections are vital to well-being and increasing longevity!

We will brielfly learn where the term "Moai" originated then break off into Walking Moais. Take a short walk with your Walking Moai, select the best time and place for the group to meet next, and receive a FREE Blue Zones Project water bottle and t-shirt! 

Lace up your walking shoes and grab a neighbor on your way out, we can't wait to see YOU there!

Date & Time

April 25, 2018

6:00PM - 7:00PM