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Good Morning Babies Beef

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Good Beef Raised on the Christine & Dennis Paszek Family Farm

Really Good Beef - Raised and cared for by Christine & Dennis Paszek on their Family Farm in Juneau, WI

Why should I or my family eat "Good Morning Babies" Beef?


Our cattle are raised and cared for on the Paszek Family Farm in Juneau, WI

Customers are encouraged to visit to see where their meat is raised from calf to finished steer in order to know the farmer and the farm.


+ Cows are treated like cows for their lifetime. We know each one of them and take care of them individually. They are not raised in a feed lot.

+ Cows eat pasture grass and are rotated to new pasture every couple of days to make sure they are eating the best source of protein.

+ Pasture raised cattle are healthier because they are not on concrete which causes stress on their feet and body.

+ Our cattle can eat and rest in lush green pastures.

+ Although our cattle are pastured we feel a balanced ration of feed, which includes some grain, is great for tenderness, marbling, and great tasting beef flavor.

+ No chemicals or steroids are used in your meat.

+ Antibiotics are used only for the intended purposes of helping a sick animal, not for speeding up the growth process.


+ Our cattle are processed at a state inspected meat processing plant.

+ Every carcass to be sold on our farm is approved by us to assure our standard of quality is being met, if we don't approve the carcass, it isn't sold to our customers!

+ Your meat is vacuum packed so you can pick out the cut of meat that meets your preference for amount of fat preference.

+ The meat is aged in the carcass for 10-14 days for great flavor.

+ Meat is cut, packaged, and "fresh frozen" all in the same day.


"Good Morning Babies" Beef can be found at the Watertown Farmer's Market on Tuesdays during the summer and at the Beaver Dam Farmer's Market on Saturdays. During the winter market we can be found at the Higher Grounds Coffee Shop the first Saturday of every month.

+ We sell at our farm dally. Please call to make sure we are home at 920-927-5314

+ We offer meat cuts for every family's needs. Buy a single cut of your favorite meat, packages ranging from a variety pack to standard quarter, half, or the whole cow.

+ Our prices are aligned with the grocery store as much as possible, giving you a quality product making our meat affordable to the average family.

+ Check for our "weekly specials" on our Facebook Page.

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