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DELU Games

The DELU mission is to create a fun game that brings friends and families together! We want DELU to provide hours of fun, excitement, and laughter, because that is what it is all about. It is a perfect game for the whole family!

DELU is a fun, new indoor or outdoor tailgate type game. It is a great game for the driveway, parties, the office, tailgating, it can even be a lawn game or a beach game (with modified rules). It is pronounced "Day lou", which is a made up expression meaning hooray, yay, or oh yeah!

It was created when JT was bored at the end of the summer before going off to college. He was done with work and had a few weeks to burn. He wanted a new game to play, something that would be challenging, fun, and competitive. He took elements of games he liked/didn’t like and combined them into one game. He combined elements of skee-ball, washers, bean bag toss (cornhole), and golf all into one amazing and fun game!