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Green Kid Crafts Eco-Friendly Subscription Box

Scenario 1: The holidays are coming and the last thing you want is to buy your kid more stuff. Stuff that will hang out on his shelves for the next 6 months, untouched while he whines about there bein

10 Ways Your Family Can Serve Others this Holiday Season

The season of “getting” is nearly upon us and you may be wondering how to get your child to stop making wish lists and focus on giving back to others. For families with young kids the act of getting o

Bullies... so NOT cool anymore.

"Sticks and stones can break my bones but names can never hurt me!" How we wish that were true. Tragically, the effect of these words can be deep and long lasting. Because of recent news events (and m

Reading: Is it Really that Important?

Have you ever skipped a few pages with that bedtime story, just to get it over with? (I know I’m guilty.) Compare that to the times you change the voices of the characters, used emphasis in your voice

Take Art Outdoors- 4 Ideas to Inspire your Family

While ideally this would take place on a beach, for those of you who are landlocked, it could also work in a backyard sandbox or a nearby sand volleyball court. Basically, you choose a piece of constr

Simplifying Sunscreen

When I was a kid, we slathered on baby oil and cooked in the sun. When Coppertone arrived on the scene in the 1970s, we used it sparingly, and life guards dabbed Zinc Oxide on their noses. Now, you wa

Helping a Child Deal With the Loss of a Pet

A pet—man’s best friend. That term can apply not only to adults, but especially to children. We all know that to a child, it doesn’t matter if that companion is a dog, cat, hamster, or bunny. When you

Secondary Infertility: This is not Dinner Conversation...

It’s not unusual to feel out of place as an adolescent. Fortunately, as you mature, most people find themselves. They settle down. They choose their career, and, if they want, they choose to start a f

How to Make Your Own Baby Food

When it’s time to introduce solids to your baby, the “make or buy” decision will surely cross your mind. Store bought baby foods are convenient, especially for travel.  But there are many benefits to

Essay on Parenting: Life Unexpected

Dreams can slip away slowly, one dinner and one load of dishes at a time. As desperate as we may be to make the sun stand still, time moves on, unforgiving to our balance of wants versus responsibilit

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