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Indoor Fun in Downtown Milwaukee

Have you ever visited a "big" city on the weekend and the place is a ghost town? Like the quittin' bell rang at 5PM on a Friday and everyone flocked back home to suburbia?Milwaukee certainly breaks th

Milwaukee: Brewhouse Inn and Suites

Pabst, Shlitz, Miller, and Blatz—these cornerstone breweries put Milwaukee, Wisconsin on the map as America's Brew City. A city of hardworking folk with Midwestern ethics, Milwaukee knows how to boots

Family Dining in Milwaukee

As I have traveled around Wisconsin and the Midwest, I have intentionally sought out dining establishments that cater to families and children, both in the atmosphere and the quality of food on the me

Bounce Milwaukee

Like many other parents living in a cold-weather climate, I've visited my fair share of indoor playground/play arenas/arcades during the long stretches of winter when it seems like the structural inte

Milwaukee: Potawatomi Hotel Casino

My first experience with what is now the Potawatomi Hotel and Casino was in 1995. A freshman at the Milwaukee School of Engineering–and in the position of being too young to hang out on Water Street–t

Family Friendly Halloween Adventures in Milwaukee

Fall is always a fun time of year in Milwaukee.  It seems everyone is trying to grasp every moment of good weather because we all know winter is coming.  There so many fun ways to get out and enjoy so

Winter Fun in Milwaukee

It's no secret that winter can be a dreaded season for many Wisconsinites. Despite the dreary grey-and-white landscape that envelops the area, there is still plenty of fun to be found if you just know

Milwaukee Summer Fun: Ten Cool Places to Take the Kids

One of Milwaukee County's most beloved city parks, Lake Park draws visitors for sports, breathtaking views, and landmarks like the North Point Light and Lake Park Bistro. Relatively new to the park's

Wisconsin Parenting Resources: Regional Parenting Websites

Wisconsin Parenting ResourcesListed below are our favorite regional parenting resources across the state of Wisconsin. These pages are maintained by Wisconsin parenting experts and updated on a regula

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