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Snowshoeing with Kids

As snow sticks to the ground, residents of Wisconsin fall into one of two camps. In the first camp, some Wisconsinites loathe the cold weather and are happy to hibernate until spring. Members of the s

Cold Weather Craft Idea: Rip Art

With school in full session and the days growing shorter, the time that our youngsters are spending indoors is increasing almost as quickly as the summer sunlight is fading. With all these extra indoo

Take Art Outdoors- 4 Ideas to Inspire your Family

While ideally this would take place on a beach, for those of you who are landlocked, it could also work in a backyard sandbox or a nearby sand volleyball court. Basically, you choose a piece of constr

Summer Road Trip With Kids (tips and tricks)

*Carbonated beverages, apples, and peppermint are all great at keeping you alert. Pack them in a special area just for you or your driver.EntertainmentBeing in a car for a full day (or longer) is real

August 1 is PBS Kids Get Up and Go! Day in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Public Television encourages families to be active and healthy with PBS Kids Get Up and Go! This outdoor event is geared towards families across the state.Kids will stay active at PBS Kids G

Around Town: My Favorite Madison

Two of my favorite Sunday drives are to the Toy Train Barn and Folklore Village (both out on the Western edge of town). The Toy Train Barn has more regular hours, while Folklore Village has a lower-le

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