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Perplexus: A Toy Review With A Twist

Jul 18, 2013 12:19AM ● By Dannelle Gay

Did you know there has been a hot debate lately about technology and children's brain development? The gist of it boils down to this: kids are relying on technology to remember things for them, like phone numbers, addresses, etc. Because of that, a part of their brain isn't developing like it used to.

CRAZY, right?

That is where we, as parents come in! By introducing NON technological things to our children, we can really help them out. Things that make them think, reason, learn and remember like games that they simply think are fun (but we know that they are educational).

That is just one of the many reasons that I was tickled to test a toy from a Wisconsin company, Patch Products.

We were actually sent TWO toys—Perplexus and it's more complicated sibling, Perplexus Twist. My official tester, Miss Sarah, is a huge maze and puzzle nut. You can see what she thought:

The original version has 100 steps from start to finish for the little silver marble inside. You simply move it along its path by twisting, turning and rolling the ball around in your hands. A total 3-D experience that really engages the player!

The Twist version actually lets you twist and turn things INSIDE the ball as well as adding dead ends,  cliff hangers and other challenges. I could almost see the little wheels in her brain cranking away as she played with the original ball for hours.

It even held the great honor of being packed for a sleep over! The Twist was a little too challenging for my 7 year old. She felt it might be better to master the other original one first. My older child* however, was delighted that it was now free and he plays with it after Miss Sarah goes to bed. *He is my 50 year old husband...

While we were given the toys for free, both Miss Sarah's and my opinions were entirely our own.